The company was established in 2004, for many years, through the joint efforts of all our employees, unity, seize the opportunity, hard work, and achieved good performance.During this period, our company was rated as one of the fixed-point printing enterprises by the municipal government, jiangdong district, jiangbei district and yinzhou district. In July, our company was approved by the ningbo municipal cultural heritage bureau to be one of the state secret carrier reproduction units.In 2009, our company was rated as one of the fixed-point envelope printing enterprises by the State Post Bureau.Our company strengthens the enterprise quality management, strictly to the product quality and the service attitude.Therefore, our printing products are awarded gold, silver and excellent products by the municipal printing industry association every year.This further established our company's position in the printing market.

With a solid foundation, our company continued to expand in 2009.First of all, the original registered capital increased by 500,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, and the factory also increased by 2500 square meters from the old workshop to more than 6,500 square meters of new factory, equipment investment, increase in personnel, etc., to build a staff canteen and staff dormitory, so there are more cultural landscape.

The company is equipped with Peking University computer typesetting system founder original huaguang two-color offset press six start code, Japan imported three new four-color offset machine, computer printing machine, laser printer, glue machine, press, full computer double digital paper cutter, 

6500 Floor area
120 Staff
17 Year experience
Our advantage